Airline flight Transportation Regulations



The federal government on Tuesday announced amendments to Air Transportation Regulations that require fairer competition, with full flight price details, and no hidden fees, to be advertised and posted on websites.

We are protecting Canadian air travelers by helping them see, clearly and up front, the full cost of air tickets, so they can make informed travel choices, Transport Minister Denis Level said during a press conference at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

Some carriers, including Porter Airlines, have already begun advertising flight prices with all additional fees added — a move customers support, company president Robert Deluxe said.

The public expects and deserves honest air fare costs, said Deluce, who was also speaking on behalf of the Airline Transportation Association of Canada. This initiative will be well-received by the Canadian travelling public.

Ghislain Blanchard, director general of the Industry Regulations and Determination Branch of the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA), said fines — $25,000 per violation for companies, $5,000 for each person who fails to disclose full costs — cannot be enacted until Jan. 2, 2013, when the new regulations are published in the government’s official Canada Gazette.

Corresponding with the announcement, Blanchard said more than 1,400 emails were sent Tuesday to travel agencies and airlines to notify them of the requirements, which took off immediately, though fines cannot be levied until the day after New Year’s Day.


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