1st Date Conversation Ice or others Breakers

1st date conversation needs to begin with a certain amount of ease. You cannot appear stressed on your date. Rapport is a skill that can be taught. Not everyone has the gift of gab. So if you are not a natural talker, I would advise that you do some research on how to develop rapport and what makes for great conversation. In order to build rapport you need to make the other person comfortable with who you are, and we all tend to loosen up when we are talking about subjects or matters of personal interest. Easy and light conversation would include “the weather”, or how the person arrived to the location.  If you have information about the person’s occupation, lifestyle, hobbies or interests then it would be a great opportunity to talk about that in an effort to try to get to know the person. You may want to talk about how you got to the date in the first place or what you liked about the person to get to that first date.

Great 1st date conversation might include:

1st date conversation chatting

Family (not the entire family tree)




Current events


Career plans

Funny stories/jokes

What to avoid during 1st Date Conversation

1st date conversation should never be about anything negative! It’s not the right time or place to complain or vent about past relationships, how much you hate your job, how unhappy you are with your weight, how the current political powers that be are screwing the economy and causing you to pay more taxes, intimate sexual details of your past and how many lovers you’ve had. If you want a chance for a second date, then keep your first date strictly Platonic and exploratory. Don’t do any of the first dates Don’ts. Always remember to have fun. Arm yourself with a funny joke or embarrassing story you feel is ok to share. Avoid being boastful, but this is a chance to impress and highlight all your good points. After all, this is a selection process and you have to somehow impress upon your first date that you may be a great future candidate.

The key to 1st date conversation is to keep it light, interesting and fun! Practice with your friends, or practice in the mirror. It would be my advice to practice with a real first date. It’s amazing what you discover about yourself and others and develop the necessary communication skills to attract and keep the one you want.


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