How to First Date Advice For Men

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the secrets to dating. The rule book or bible of first date advice for men? There are so many things to be conscious of when you are need preparing for your first date with a lady. Different advice is given to men for different occasions and different circumstances, but we will try to focus on some “basic” first date advice for men that you can apply right away regardless of your situation. advice Men

It’s important that you remember dating is an experience  to be enjoyed and always an opportunity to learn about yourself and the opposite sex. After all, practice makes perfect so appreciate every opportunity that you have to discover the many sides of a woman when you are out on your first date.

How to First Date Advice For Men: Tip 1 Arrive on time and Smile!

I don’t know any woman that finds tardiness attractive. It’s my opinion that you should arrive early for the date, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get to the date location to avoid ANY possibility of not arriving on time or early.  No lady likes to be waiting for any man. I guarantee if you arrive late it will leave a terrible first impression and may RUIN any possibility for date# 2. Arriving late is often interpreted as being inconsiderate, rude and irresponsible,  and it is definitely a turn off. It is common sense that you don’t show up late for a date. Along with arriving on time or early you need to show up with a big smile on your face. And you should be mindful of your overall demeanor and body language.

How to First Date Advice For Men: Tip 2 Good Hygiene is a must!

Guys, if you’re wanting to make a good first impression and have an opportunity to get a second date you NEED to make sure that you are presentable, polished and dressed appropriately for the date. It is naive for you to assume that she is not judging you harshly and going after you with a fine tooth comb. Let’s face it, you’re doing the same. It’s all the little things that she notices. What are they? SHOES are one of the first things she’ll notice! She’ll be watching your facial expression when you first meet, notice the eye contact then she’ll stare right down at your shoes and do a once over. You need to make sure your shoes are not outdated and worn out. Polished is better and if it’s a casual date, don’t wear your favorite pair of old runners, not a good choice. Although you are not wanting to “pretend” to be someone you’re not, a first date is your ONLY opportunity to impress your date and if you are not careful about your appearance; you will seem like you did not care about the date and women appreciate a man who takes care of himself. You cannot be attractive to a woman looking like you rolled out of bed, dirt under your fingernails, nose hairs sticking out, smelling like a locker room or that you drowned yourself in old spice. Do wear deodorant, do make sure you have great oral hygiene, clean fresh breath and up to date coordinated clothing (preferably pressed).

How to First Date Advice For Men: Tip 3 Be attentive and Ask great questions

Men, women love attention and they love your compliments. Understand that your first date is all about getting to know the other person. Make sure that you have some questions prepared in advance about her that will open up conversation. Depending on how much time you invested in getting to know your date before the first meeting, do your research and arm yourself with several key open-ended questions. An example of that would be, if she says she likes to travel; ask her where she went on her last vacation. Or what is her favorite vacation getaway and why. What does she like to do for fun? What are some of the things that make her happy? What is on her bucket list If she doesn’t have one, what would be on her bucket list? Be sure that you are listening attentively as well and not asking questions in bullet form one after the other like a bright light is shining in her face and you are on a mission to interrogate her. There should be a flow in the conversation.

Your first date mission is to impress your potential partner and get to round two. Assuming of course that you are attracted to your date and that she is attracted to you, you must have a confidence in yourself and be the man! This is really not about you, it’s about making her feel good and attractive. After all, you are flattered to be in her company because you know that she has options. This is not to say that you need to be a doormat, but ego has no place for a first date.  Confidence is sexy. Make a great impression and she will want more of your time. Be charming, not too aggressive and pay attention to her needs. Eye contact is extremely important and make sure that your eyes are not wandering at other women. Always remember to have fun on your date and be the type of man who women want to be around.

Stay positive and happy dating!


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