Cox’s Bazaar

Get around in cox’s bazaar

Get around

sea beach swimingCycle-rickshaws are plentiful, and the ride between the Hotel Motel Zone and the Laldighi Lake area on the main road should cost Tk 12, though foreigners will have to fight hard for that price. They’ll ask for at least Tk 20, Tk 15 is a fair enough middle ground.

Approximate value in US currency:

Tk. 20 = 29 cents, Tk. 15 = 22 cents, Tk. 12 = 17 cents………….more

Cox’s Bazaar is a beach resort in the Chittagong Division in southeastern Bangladesh.

cox's bazaar in Kareena KapoorCox’s Bazar sea beach is the longest sea beach in the world, 120 km long.

For Bangladeshi’s it doesn’t get much better than Cox’s Bazar, the country’s most popular beach resort. Sort of a Cancun of the east, it’s choc-a-bloc with massive cement hotels and gaudy over-development catering largely to the country’s elite.

Introduction of Cox’s Bazaar

Aadu Aata cox's bazaarWelcome to beach life, Bangladeshi style. The usual question, ‘Why have you come here?’ doesn’t get asked because the answer is obvious – you’ve come to be at the seaside. Bangladeshis adore Cox’s Bazaar and all across the country people will ask whether you have been. For Bangladeshis the infatuation is because Cox’s Bazaar is so unlike the rest of the country, but a foreign visitor, used to the clean, liberal sands in Spain, Australia or California, is likely to be far less enamored……more


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